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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkDurationCallbackInfo结构体 参考
类 AkDurationCallbackInfo 继承关系图:
AkEventCallbackInfo AkCallbackInfo

Public 属性

AkReal32  fDuration
  Duration of the sound (unit: milliseconds) 更多...
AkReal32  fEstimatedDuration
  Estimated duration of the sound depending on source settings such as pitch. (unit: milliseconds) 更多...
AkUniqueID  audioNodeID
  Audio Node ID of playing item 更多...
AkUniqueID  mediaID
  Media ID of playing item. (corresponds to 'ID' attribute of 'File' element in SoundBank metadata file) 更多...
bool  bStreaming
  True if source is streaming, false otherwise. 更多...
- Public 属性 继承自 AkEventCallbackInfo
AkPlayingID  playingID
  Playing ID of Event, returned by PostEvent() 更多...
AkUniqueID  eventID
  Unique ID of Event, passed to PostEvent() 更多...
- Public 属性 继承自 AkCallbackInfo
void *  pCookie
  User data, passed to PostEvent() 更多...
AkGameObjectID  gameObjID
  Game object ID 更多...


Callback information structure corresponding to AK_Duration.


在文件 AkCallback.h127 行定义.