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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkEmitterSettings结构体 参考

Settings for a sound emitter. 更多...

Public 成员函数

  AkEmitterSettings ()
  Constructor 更多...

Public 属性

AK::SpatialAudio::OsString  name
  Name given to this sound emitter. 更多...
AkUniqueID  reflectAuxBusID
AkReal32  reflectionMaxPathLength
AkReal32  reflectionsAuxBusGain
  Send gain (0.f-1.f) that is applied when sending to the bus that has the AkReflect plug-in. (reflectAuxBusID) 更多...
AkUInt32  reflectionsOrder
AkUInt32  reflectorFilterMask
AkReal32  roomReverbAuxBusGain
AkUInt32  diffractionMaxEdges
AkUInt32  diffractionMaxPaths
AkReal32  diffractionMaxPathLength
AkUInt8  useImageSources: 1
  Enable reflections from image sources that have been added via the AK::SpatialAudio::SetImageSource() API. (Does not apply to geometric reflections.) 更多...


Settings for a sound emitter.

在文件 AkSpatialAudio.h117 行定义.