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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkImageSourceSettings结构体 参考

Public 成员函数

  AkImageSourceSettings ()
  AkImageSourceSettings (AkVector in_sourcePosition, AkReal32 in_fDistanceScalingFactor, AkReal32 in_fLevel)
  ~AkImageSourceSettings ()
AkImageSourceSettings operator= (const AkImageSourceSettings &src)
  Operator = 更多...
void  SetOneTexture (AkUniqueID in_texture)
void  SetName (const char *in_pName)

Public 属性

AkImageSourceParams  params
  Image source parameters. 更多...
AkImageSourceTexture  texture
  Acoustic texture that goes with this image source. 更多...
AK::SpatialAudio::String  name
  Name given to image source, can be used to identify the image source in the AK Reflect plugin UI. 更多...


在文件 AkSpatialAudio.h68 行定义.