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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkInputMapSlot< USER_DATA > 模板结构体 参考

Structure of an entry in the AkMixerInputMap map. 更多...

Public 成员函数

  AkInputMapSlot ()
  User data. Here we have a buffer. Other relevant info would be the game object position and input parameters of the previous frame. 更多...
bool  operator== (const AkInputMapSlot &in_Op) const

Public 属性

AK::IAkMixerInputContext pContext
USER_DATA *  pUserData


template<class USER_DATA>
struct AkInputMapSlot< USER_DATA >

Structure of an entry in the AkMixerInputMap map.

Collection class to manage inputs in mixer plugins. The inputs are identified by their context AK::IAkMixerInputContext. The type of data attached to it is the template argument USER_DATA. The collection performs allocation/deallocation of user data via AK_PLUGIN_NEW/DELETE(). Usage

// Init AkMixerInputMap<MyStruct> m_mapInputs; m_mapInputs.Init( in_pAllocator ); // in_pAllocator passed at plugin init.

// Add an input. m_mapInputs.AddInput( in_pInput ); // AK::IAkMixerInputContext * in_pInput passed to OnInputConnected()

// Find an input MyStruct * pInput = m_mapInputs.Exists( in_pInputContext ); // AK::IAkMixerInputContext * in_pInputContext passed to ConsumeInput()

// Iterate through inputs. AkMixerInputMap<MyStruct>::Iterator it = m_mapInputs.End(); while ( it != m_mapInputs.End() ) { MyStruct * pInput = (*it).pUserData; ... ++it; }

在文件 AkMixerInputMap.h63 行定义.