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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkMarkerCallbackInfo结构体 参考
类 AkMarkerCallbackInfo 继承关系图:
AkEventCallbackInfo AkCallbackInfo

Public 属性

AkUInt32  uIdentifier
  Cue point identifier 更多...
AkUInt32  uPosition
  Position in the cue point (unit: sample frames) 更多...
const char *  strLabel
  Label of the marker, read from the file 更多...
- Public 属性 继承自 AkEventCallbackInfo
AkPlayingID  playingID
  Playing ID of Event, returned by PostEvent() 更多...
AkUniqueID  eventID
  Unique ID of Event, passed to PostEvent() 更多...
- Public 属性 继承自 AkCallbackInfo
void *  pCookie
  User data, passed to PostEvent() 更多...
AkGameObjectID  gameObjID
  Game object ID 更多...


Callback information structure corresponding to AK_Marker.


在文件 AkCallback.h116 行定义.