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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkSpatialAudioInitSettings结构体 参考

Initialization settings of the spatial audio module. 更多...

Public 成员函数

  AkSpatialAudioInitSettings ()

Public 属性

AkMemPoolId  uPoolID
  User-provided pool ID (see AK::MemoryMgr::CreatePool). 更多...
AkUInt32  uPoolSize
  Desired memory pool size if a new pool should be created. A pool will be created if uPoolID is not set (AK_INVALID_POOL_ID). 更多...
AkUInt32  uMaxSoundPropagationDepth
  Maximum number of portals that sound can propagate through; must be less than or equal to AK_MAX_SOUND_PROPAGATION_DEPTH. 更多...
AkUInt32  uDiffractionFlags
  Enable or disable specific diffraction features. See AkDiffractionFlags. 更多...
AkReal32  fDiffractionShadowAttenFactor
  Multiplier that is applied to the distance attenuation of diffracted sounds (sounds that are in the 'shadow region') to simulate the phenomenon where by diffracted sound waves decay faster than incident sound waves. 更多...
AkReal32  fDiffractionShadowDegrees


Initialization settings of the spatial audio module.

在文件 AkSpatialAudio.h47 行定义.