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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
What's New in 2011.2.1?

2011.2.1 属于补丁发布. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2011.2 and version 2011.2.1.

平台 SDK 更新

  • 3DS: updated to CTR-SDK 2.4.0
  • Vita: updated to SDK 1.0


  • WG-19804 Fixed: Crash in Vorbis decoder when using very high quality settings on PS3.
  • WG-19823 Fixed: When a property fades is interrupted by a pause action, it may take a lot of time to restart after it is resumed.
  • WG-19843 Fixed: Possible memory overrun when calling QueryAudioObjectIDs().
  • WG-19844 Fixed: Incorrect initial volume caused by auto-ducking.
  • WG-19847 Fixed: Possible crash in interactive music when a transition segment is not loaded when required.
  • WG-19847 Fixed: Inconsistent volume on transition segments when the segment is in a separate music hierachy.
  • WG-19852 Fixed: Memory access out of bounds in MixN job on PS3.
  • WG-19854 Fixed: Audio intermittently sent to wrong environment when sending multiple sounds to multiple environments on PS3.
  • WG-19855 Fixed: Possible crash in low memory condition when seeking in XMA file on Xbox 360.
  • WG-19858 Fixed: Possible crash with continuous switch container when game object is unregistered when playing silent switch.
  • WG-19864 Fixed: SetVolume actions on master bus may not work if no sound is playing, on Wii and 3DS.
  • WG-19866 Fixed: Unloading bank containing Convolution IR on a playing Environmental FX is not returning immediately.
  • WG-19871 Fixed: Crash during Sound Engine initialization when failing to allocate system resources on PS3.