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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
What's New in 2012.1.1?

2012.1.1 属于补丁发布. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2012.1 and version 2012.1.1.

平台 SDK 更新

  • Vita: updated to SDK 1.6
  • Android: updated NDK to r7c
  • Wii U: updated to Cafe SDK 2.03 and Cafe VSI 1.4.4


  • WG-20790 Fixed: ASSERT in AkMusicSwitchCtx.cpp in a specific scenario when changing switch rapidly.
  • WG-20707 Fixed: Potential crash when moving objects in Project Explorer.
  • WG-20714 Fixed: Assert with SeekOnEvent if called in same audio frame as StopPlayingID.
  • WG-20743 Fixed: (Xbox 360 only) Unhandled denormals in ParametricEQ cause CPU spike when input is silent.
  • WG-20746 Fixed: Unhandled overflow in Vorbis Conversion Plugin corrupts seek table (most likely to occur with 32KB).
  • WG-20782 Fixed: (Wii only) Rare occurrence of interactive music clip not stopping and indefinitely looping over a few buffers.
  • WG-20776 Fixed: Improved accuracy of GetSourcePlayPosition on 3DS with streamed audio files.
  • WG-20731 Fixed: Possible leak when breaking a playback located under a combinaison of Blend containers and continuous containers.
  • WG-20704 Fixed: Disabling the "follow listener orientation" in 3D User Defined positioning does not start the sound at the right position
  • WG-20729 Fixed: Wrong message in Authoring tool effect tab when an environmental bus has effects.
  • WG-20721 Fixed: Can not delete Switch Container's switch associations in Contents Editor.
  • WG-20733 Fixed: (Wii U) Device callbacks are now properly called in chain (Bink support)


  • WG-20715 Query "Music / Segment to play" can now search for Stingers set to 'nothing' as the segment to play.
  • WG-19825 Wii U: support for 5.1 sources, mixing and output was added.
  • WG-20134 Wii U: Profiler communication is now done through the USB-Ethernet adapter only. This is the same adapter that the original Wii was using.

iZotope Effects

  • Added PDF help documentation for all plugins
  • Top 3 most expensive distortions optimized for Xbox360