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Wwise Adventure Game

WAG is a third-person action-adventure game about a young adventurer who comes across a small town in Allegro Kingdom. Plants and stones have been corrupted by an evil essence, and, with the help of the magical Wwizard, the adventurer is tasked to defeat the plague. The journey will involve visiting various territories like volcanic deserts, fertile forests, echoing caves, and dark dungeons. The Adventurer will retrieve new weapons, collect gold coins, and even learn to cast spells.

The game’s artistic direction represents a unique low-poly (low amount of polygons) indie-style, and the gameplay features all the usual clichés of adventure games, such as exploration, combat, and collecting quest items. If you feel you’ve already seen a certain feature in another game, you’re most likely correct, as WAG is designed to represent a common indie-game and keep a close similarity to the current nature of video games.

The project is an open-source platform for experimentation. So, not only will you be able to modify the Wwise project, you will have access to the camera script and enemy AI, and even take inspiration for your own projects. Should you want to reuse the WAG Unity project, keep the following in mind:

  • The development of WAG was based on certain requirements and under certain conditions, like adapting it for mobile or having a type of game interaction. As such, everything has been built, optimized, and evaluated upon those needs, and if you’re building your own game you should re-evaluate what your needs are.

  • Some scripts and systems are well described, some are self-explanatory, and some you need specific insights to know how they work. If you feel there’s something to improve, you’re more than welcome to improve it yourself and send it to us!

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