Wwise and Unity. Extended Animation events and RTPC's. By Cujo Sound

In the previous video we added animation events to create Wwise events and control the triggering of our simple footsteps.
Now we need to control it even further and make sure that it runs differently depending on if we are running or sprinting.

In this video we are going to duplicate our events, duplicate our random containers and make sure that our animation has events that are unique to sprinting as well.

A small issue occurs because of animation blending, we quickly create an RTPC which is set by the speed of the character which we then use to control which of the sounds can play, simply to kill the sound of the step that should not be heard.

Check it out.-
Any comments or questions: fire away in the comments below.

in the future videos we will dig further into the RTPC's and figure out how we can use those to our advantage.
we also need some material control over our footsteps using switches or separate events and last but not least, there are so many different ways of setting that kind of switch.

Stay tuned.


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