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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15

Public Member Functions

  Ak2DVector ()
  ~Ak2DVector ()
  Ak2DVector (AkReal32 x, AkReal32 y)
AkForceInline Ak2DVector  operator= (const Ak2DVector &b)
AkForceInline Ak2DVector  operator= (const AkSphericalCoord &b)
Ak2DVector  operator- (const Ak2DVector &b) const
Ak2DVector  operator*= (const AkReal32 f)
Ak2DVector  operator/= (const AkReal32 f)
AkForceInline bool  operator== (const Ak2DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator!= (const Ak2DVector &b) const
AkForceInline AkReal32  Length () const
AkForceInline Ak2DVector  CartesianToSpherical (const Ak3DVector &in_Cartesian)
AkForceInline Ak2DVector  LinearCombination (const Ak2DVector &A, const Ak2DVector &B) const
AkForceInline Ak2DVector  NormalizeSpherical () const
AkForceInline void  NormalizeSpherical ()
AkForceInline bool  IsAllPositive () const

Public Attributes

AkReal32  X
AkReal32  Y

Detailed Description

Definition at line 517 of file AkVectors.h.

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