Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am trying to build my project for iOS from a Windows system by setting the Remote Build Options, but my build fails on: PackagingResults: Error: 'AK/AkWwiseSDKVersion.h' file not found. Is there a way to make an iOS Remote Build work for a UE4 project using Wwise?
A: The cause of the error is that some required files are not copied to the remote macOS system when attempting to build an iOS project from a Windows system. To solve this problem, add an RsyncProject.txt file that tells UE4 to copy the required files under the /Build/Rsync/ path. The content of the RsyncProject.txt file should be:

+ /Plugins/Wwise/ThirdParty/include/**
+ /Plugins/Wwise/ThirdParty/iOS/**

Q: Where are banks generated when I generate them from the Unreal editor or when cooking?
A: By default, they are generated in the following location:


Some banks containing language assets may be in language-specific folders.

Q: When I generate banks from the Wwise application, I noticed that fewer banks are generated than when generating banks from the Unreal Editor. Why?
A: When importing a SoundBank definition file, Unreal may ask Wwise to generate banks that do not exist in the Wwise project. If you want the Unreal-generated bank to persist in the Wwise project, you can add the command-line argument -Save when importing the SoundBank definition file.

Q: Can I debug my code using the Wwise SoundEngine debug libraries?
A: By default, the Unreal Engine does not use the debug C Runtime Libraries, but Wwise uses them. When building in debug, this would cause linking errors. This is why, by default, the Wwise Unreal integration uses the profile libraries. If you wish to link against the debug Wwise libraries, simply set the bDebugBuildsActuallyUseDebugCRT variable to true in the following file: <UE4_ROOT>/Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/Configuration/BuildConfiguration.cs.

Q: I can't connect to my game running on an Xbox One, and I get the following error in the log: "Could not find Wwise network ports in AppxManifest. Network communication will not be available." How can I connect the Wwise Authoring Application to my game?
A: You should make sure to add the required Wwise network ports to your game's AppxManifest.xml. To do so, ensure the following Xbox One platform settings are filled in your project settings (Edit > Project Settings):

Use these Xbox One platform settings for the Secure Socket Descriptions
Use these Xbox One platform settings for the Secure Device Associations

As a result, your <GAME>/Config/XboxOne/XboxOneEngine.ini should contain the following lines:


For more information on how to modify the Xbox One AppxManifest, please refer to the Unreal Engine documentation.

Q: My game freezes, or fails to initialize Wwise, when I deploy it to an iOS, Xbox One, Switch, or PS5 device. Why?
A: The Unreal Engine built-in audio system needs to be disabled. To do so, please follow the appropriate instructions for your platform:

Platform Instruction
iOS In <UE4_ROOT>/Engine/Config/iOS/IOSEngine.ini, replace
Xbox One In <UE4_ROOT>/Engine/Config/XboxOne/XboxOneEngine.ini, replace
Switch In <UE4_ROOT>/Engine/Config/switch/BaseSwitchEngine.ini, replace
PlayStation 5 In <UE4_ROOT>/Engine/Config/PS5/PS5Engine.ini, replace
See Using the AkAudioMixer module for an alternative to entirely disabling the Unreal audio system.

Q: When using Wwise Motion on PS5, why am I not receiving any controller vibration, even though the meters on the Audio Device show that there should be some activity?
A: One possible reason is because the controller is still set to its "Compatibility" mode. You should add the following to your PS5Input.ini file:


Q: When running a packaged game, some or all of my sounds are not playing. Why?
A: If you are not using New Feature: Event-Based Packaging, the Wwise plug-in generates the SoundBanks in the WwiseAudio folder in your game's content folder. Since .bnk files are not recognized by Unreal, the WwiseAudio folder is added as an "Additional non-asset directory to package" in your game's packaging settings. For this reason, Unreal .uasset files (including AkAudioEvent and AkAudioBank) should not be placed in the WwiseAudio folder, as they will be incorrectly packaged twice.

If you are using New Feature: Event-Based Packaging, you may encounter Known Issues WG-48803. If you are using Post Event Actions in your Events, the Event being posted might not be found in your packaged game. Also, if you are using the Splitting Switch Container Media feature, some media may not be packaged if you are using Set Switch or Set State Actions in your Events. As a workaround, you could disable the Splitting Switch Container Media feature until WG-48803 is resolved.