Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation

An Animation Notify is used to trigger Wwise Events in animation sequences.

Note that it is mandatory for an AkComponent to be attached to the animated mesh component. Should you decide to use the Animation Notify on a mesh component that has no AkComponent attached, an AkComponent will be created using default values for all of its UPROPERTIES, and it will not be possible to modify them. Should you want to modify the notify's behaviour, we recommend creating a copy of it in your project, and modifying that copy.

The Blueprint for the Animation Notify is located here: …/Plugins/Wwise/Content/AnimNotify_AkEvent.uasset.

  • To add an Animation Notify:
    1. In the Unreal Content Browser, open an animation sequence asset.
    2. Right-click the Notifies track in the animation sequence editor and select Add notify > AkEvent or AkEventByName.
  • The animation notification has the following properties:
    • Event or Event Name: The AkAudioEvent to be posted.
    • Attach Name: Name of the socket that emits the AkAudioEvent; if not defined, the AkAudioEvent is emitted from the animation owner.
    • Follow: Whether the Event should either follow the mesh or be posted at a specific location.