Authoring Across Platforms

For audio designers, dealing with different platforms usually means creating different projects for each platform. In Wwise, this can all be done in one project. When you create your project, you are automatically ready to develop across platforms, even simultaneously if you want to. By default, all available platforms are active in a project, but you can remove a platform from a project to improve the efficiency of your workflow. For information on removing platforms from a project, refer to Removing a Platform.

After you have created your project and imported your assets and music, you set up a series of conversion setting ShareSets that can be customized for each platform and, also, define how you want to use your assets based on the strengths and limitations of each platform.


In Wwise, authoring across platforms implies that you have the rights to develop for the platforms. If you acquire additional platform rights, you need to update your installation package to include the added platforms.

Wwise allows you to customize your project for each active platform using the following:

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