Building an output structure for motion

Motion data is similar to audio data but normally needs different mixing than audio. To output to a motion device requires a separate hierarchy of busses through which the motion data can be routed. You can create this separate hierarchy in the Master-Mixer Hierarchy by creating a new master bus and assigning the Wwise Motion device to it.

To create a motion-enabled master bus:

  1. Open the Project Explorer.

  2. In the Audio tab's Master-Mixer Hierarchy, right-click on the Default Work Unit.

  3. From the menu, select New Child and then Audio Bus.

    The bus is created, and its property page opens.

  4. In the Audio Bus Property Editor, locate the Audio Device property and click on the select button (">>").

    A list of available Audio Device plug-ins appear.

  5. Select Wwise_Motion from this list.

You can create an unlimited number of master busses in your project. When building a bus structure, the same features, rules, and conditions apply to motion busses and audio busses. You can route either motion sources or audio sources to a motion-enabled bus. In both cases, the signal will be transformed into motion data by the Audio Device plug-in attached to the motion bus.

For more information on building an output structure for your project, refer to Building the Structure of Output Busses.

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