Exploring the Audio Object profiling views

Wwise includes the following views that work together to help you monitor the state of Audio Objects as they pass through the bus pipeline. You can access these views all at once by selecting the Audio Object Profiler layout.

Audio Object 3D Viewer

The Audio Object 3D Viewer provides detailed information about the positions of Audio Objects relative to their listener position and orientation. It also shows the amount of spread, represented by circles projected on a sphere surrounding the listener. You can configure the Audio Object 3D Viewer to display different types of information. You can also change the display settings.

Audio Object List

The Audio Object List view provides detailed information about Audio Objects as they go through the bus pipeline. The information is presented in a tree view, which represents the busses and Audio Objects instantiated at the current profiler cursor time.

The Audio Object List is also used to select Audio Objects for display in the other three Audio Object views: Audio Object 3D Viewer, Audio Object Metadata, and Audio Object Meter.

Audio Object Metadata

The Audio Object Metadata view provides detailed information about the metadata of the currently selected Audio Object.

Audio Object Meter

The Audio Object Meter provides an expanded view on the metering data of the currently selected Audio Object. The meter can be displayed in either Peak or RMS mode.

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