Exploring the voice profiling views

Wwise's voice profiling tools complement game profiling with help to analyze a basic building block of your project: its voices.

While the Voice Profiler layout uses several views found in other layouts, the three primary views for voice profiling are the Voice Explorer, the Voice Inspector, and the Voice Monitor.


By default in Wwise, you can switch to the Voice Profiler layout by pressing F11.

Voice Explorer

During and after a capture session, the Voice Explorer shows a list of the captured active voices at the selected timeline point in the Performance or Voice Monitor. From these voices, you can select one for display in the Voice Inspector.

Voice Inspector

The content displayed in this view pertains to the sound selected in either the Voice Explorer or Voice Monitor view. The Voice Graph and Contribution List panels of the Voice Inspector provide information on the voice workflow and elements that contribute to its final volume output.

Voice Monitor

During and after a capture session, the Voice Monitor displays a timeline of captured information, listing every voice played and its associated volume. Selecting a point on the timeline lists all the Wwise and associated game objects that were active at that moment, along with their voice volume.

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