File Packager tips and best practices

Before defining the number and contents of your file packages, you may want to review the following section, which provides you with a series of tips and best practices that can help you make the most of the File Packager.

Packaging content for download post-release

It is becoming more and more common for companies to extend the life of a game by offering game players DLC (downloadable content) post-release. You can manage the deployment of this new content by following these simple steps:

To package the content for the final release:

  1. In your Wwise project, generate the SoundBanks for the final build of your game.

  2. Open the File Packager.

  3. Import the final SoundbanksInfo.xml file generated by Wwise.

    [Note]Generating the SoundbanksInfo.xml File

    Within the Project Settings' or the SoundBanks Settings' SoundBanks tab, the Generate Metadata Files option should always be enabled. Additionally, you must enable the Generate XML Metadata option. With these set, Wwise generates the SoundbanksInfo.xml file whenever you successfully generate SoundBanks.

  4. Set the default file assignments to None.

  5. Manually add all files to a package.

    This will make it easier for you to identify new content when it is added later on.

  6. Generate the package(s) and then add them to the game disk.

  7. Save the File Packager project to create a point of reference for the final release.

To package the DLC post-release:

  1. When the new content is created in Wwise, generate the SoundBanks for the DLC.

  2. Re-open the 'final release' File Packager project.

    By default, the File Packager will scan the SoundbanksInfo.xml file to populate the Files to package view. Notice how all the new content that was added is not assigned to a package.

  3. Create one or more packages for the downloadable content and then manually add the newly created SoundBanks and/or streamed media files to these packages.

  4. Generate the new package(s) and then deploy them to your user base.

  5. Save the File Packager project again to create a new point of reference for this DLC release.


You can continue to deploy new content for your game in the same manner. Just remember to manually assign all files to a package and to save your File Packager project to create a point of reference for each release.

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