Getting started

This section includes an introduction to many of the concepts in Wwise, information to get you up and running with Wwise quickly, and some helpful information on organizing your workspace and working efficiently with Wwise.

  • Starting and exiting Wwise—Wwise system requirements, opening and closing Wwise, creating a new project, or opening an existing one.

  • Wwise interface basics—an overview of the Wwise interface and its visual elements, details on interacting with the various controls, and understanding naming conventions.

  • Personalizing your workspace—an introduction to working with views and layouts, as well as setting user preferences and colors.

  • Speeding up the way you work—keyboard shortcuts, shortcut menus, and batch renaming.


New to Wwise? The Wwise 101 Certification course material is free and guides you step-by-step through the creation of your first sound in a game and beyond.

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