Getting to know the Mixing Desk

The Mixing Desk is a flexible and powerful mixing console that groups a variety of properties into one view allowing you to fine-tune the audio mix of your game in real time. You can add any object or bus to the Mixing Desk and then define object routing, apply effect and Attenuation ShareSets, edit state properties, and modify the properties of individual objects and busses.


By default in Wwise, you can switch to the Mixer layout by pressing F8.

If you start a capture session, you can also view the activity of each object within the Mixing Desk, including when a voice is playing, if a bus is being ducked, and whether effects are being bypassed. Each audio structure can also be muted or soloed allowing you to tweak the individual objects within your audio mix.

The Mixing Desk is basically a grid where each column is a mixer strip and each row is a section related to a set of common properties in Wwise. Each mixer strip is bound to an object, the name of which is displayed at the top and bottom of the each strip.

A shortcut menu is also available for each property setting in the mixer strip. These menus contain a set of commands specifically related to the selected property. For example, when you right-click one of the Effect slots (0-3), you can edit the properties of the inserted effect, set a new effect, bypass the Effect, and so on. To access the shortcut menus, simply right-click the individual property settings in the mixer strip.

All elements within the Mixing Desk are saved within a Mixing Session. This allows you to create different Mixing Sessions for different components of your game. It also means that you can set up a Mixing Session and then continue to fine-tune the audio mix of your game at a later time.

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