Managing attenuation instances

Attenuation instances are a collection of attenuation-related properties. Since many of the objects within your game will have the same attenuation properties, you can create an attenuation instance and then share it across many objects in your project using an Attenuation ShareSet.

A ShareSet is a collection of instance properties to which objects subscribe. When changes are made to the ShareSet, all objects subscribing to that ShareSet are affected. The advantages of using a ShareSet are that you don't have to modify the attenuation properties for each object individually and you can save valuable memory in game.

In some situations, however, you may not want to share the attenuation settings. In these cases, you can create a custom attenuation instance that has unique property values.

Creating Attenuation ShareSets

Before you can define the attenuation properties for an object, you must create an Attenuation ShareSet. An Attenuation ShareSet is a collection of attenuation property settings. ShareSets can be used by all objects that require the same kind of attenuation properties.

To create an Attenuation ShareSet in the Project Explorer:

  1. In the Project Explorer, switch to the ShareSets tab.

  2. Under the Attenuations section, do one of the following:

    • Select a Work Unit or Virtual Folder and click the Attenuation icon in the Project Explorer toolbar.

    • Right-click a Work Unit or Virtual Folder and select New child > Attenuation from the shortcut menu.

    A new ShareSet appears as a child of the Work Unit or Virtual Folder in the hierarchy.

  3. Type a name for your new ShareSet and press Enter.

    The new ShareSet is displayed in the Attenuations hierarchy.


    Each Attenuation ShareSet name must be unique. You can rename a ShareSet at any time by right-clicking it, selecting Rename, and typing a new name.

To create an Attenuation ShareSet from within the Property Editor:

  1. Load an object into the Property Editor.

  2. Switch to the Positioning tab.

  3. In the Attenuation group, click the Selector button (>>) and select New from the menu.


    You must enable Listener Relative Routing to activate the Attenuation group.

    The New Attenuation dialog opens.

  4. Select the Work Unit in which you want to create the Attenuation ShareSet.

  5. Type a name for the ShareSet and click OK.

    The new ShareSet is created and applied to the current object.

Deleting Attenuation ShareSets

You can delete an Attenuation ShareSet if you no longer need it. Before deleting a ShareSet, you should make sure that objects are not still using it. If you delete a ShareSet, it is automatically removed from all objects that subscribe to it.


The Shared by box in the Attenuation Editor displays a complete list of objects using the current Attenuation ShareSet.

To delete an Attenuation ShareSet:

  1. In the Project Explorer, switch to the ShareSets tab.

  2. In the Attenuation section, click the ShareSet you want to delete.

  3. Press the Delete key.

    The ShareSet is deleted and removed from all objects that subscribe to it.

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