Managing file packages

The File Packager is a stand-alone utility that groups the SoundBanks, loose media, and/or streamed media files for a Wwise project into one or more file packages. A file package is a self-contained unit that abstracts a file system. Loading a file package creates a look-up table in memory telling Wwise where the media is located within the PCK file. This means that by using file packages, you can avoid some of the limitations of a platform's file system, including the limit on the length of filenames as well as the actual number of files. File packages can also help you better manage language versions as well as downloadable content that is made available post release.

All information about a Wwise project's SoundBanks and streamed media files can be retrieved by importing the SoundbanksInfo.xml file into the File Packager.

[Note]Generating the SoundbanksInfo.xml File

Within the Project Settings' or the SoundBanks Settings' SoundBanks tab, the Generate Metadata Files option should always be enabled. Additionally, you must enable the Generate XML Metadata option. With these set, Wwise generates the SoundbanksInfo.xml file whenever you successfully generate SoundBanks.

By default, all files are added to the default.pck file package, which is created in the root of the SoundBank path directory for each platform. You can, however, create new packages, manually add files to different packages, and modify the location where the packages will be saved.

You can use the File Packager to create your file packages manually, or you can automate this process, by using a command line to run the File Packager as part of the SoundBank generation process. This command line can be defined at the project level or as a custom SoundBank user setting. For more information on using the command line to launch the File Packager post SoundBank generation, refer to the following sections:

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