Managing output

On top of the project hierarchy that includes all your objects sits the Master-Mixer Hierarchy. This separate hierarchical structure of busses - described earlier in Building the structure of output busses - allows you to group the many different structures within your project hierarchy. A master Audio Bus will be used for the main sound mix. You should create separate structures of busses for the secondary outputs of your game, such as the chat headphones or the game controller motion.

These master busses create the final level of control for the structures within your project. Because busses sit on top of your project hierarchy, you can use them to create the final mix for your game.

Depending on the platform, you can also apply certain Effects to the master busses to help finalize that immersive experience for your game.

Audio output formats

Wwise outputs the final mix as a discrete number of LPCM channels. It is important to note that Wwise does not do any multi-channel encoding; it simply feeds LPCM data to the console or system. Once the LPCM data is received by the console or system, it can then be output in almost any format supported by the particular console or system, including Dolby, DTS, or DPL2.

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