Managing playback of your simulation

After you have added your modules to the Soundcaster, you are ready to begin using the mixing and playback options.

When you can play back your simulation, you can carry out any of the following tasks:

  • Audition platform-specific objects and events.

  • Audition pre-converted audio files.

  • Audition objects and Events associated with specific game objects when connected to the game.

  • Play back modules in any order that you want.

  • Manage playback for one or all modules at once.

  • Apply game syncs.

  • Modify properties for modules.

  • Modify Event Actions for objects while playing.

  • Audition interactive music.

Specifying Wwise objects to be played

When you are creating your simulation, you can be specific in choosing what sounds you want to play based on:

  • Platforms to include or exclude certain Wwise objects from different platforms in your simulation. For more information about working with sounds and platforms, refer to Excluding project elements from a platform. When you are creating a simulation, you may choose to play only the sounds that are in the current platform, or play all sounds in the module.

  • Converted Sounds to compare your original versions of audio files with the converted sources. When you convert your imported audio files, Wwise maintains an “original version” of the audio file that you can audition whenever you want. These files have undergone the import conversion process but have not been converted for platforms. By default, the Soundcaster plays the converted sounds; however, you can choose to play the original imported version.

To play back platform-specific sounds and motion objects:

  1. In the toolbar, verify that the correct platform for the simulation has been selected.

  2. From the Sessions tab of the Project Explorer, double-click the Soundcaster session that you want to define.

    The selected session is loaded into the Soundcaster.

  3. In the master control area, click the Transport Play Options icon .

  4. In the Transport Play Options menu, select Only Play Objects Included in Platform.

    Only the objects and Events in the current platform can be auditioned.


    To play back all objects and Events, clear the Only Play Objects Included in Platform option and the Transport Play Options icon will be orange.

To play back unconverted sounds:

  1. In the master control area, click the Transport Play Options icon .

  2. In the Transport Play Options menu, select Play Originals

    The imported pre-converted sounds will play in all the modules in the Soundcaster.


    To play back the converted sounds, select Play Converted in the Transport Play Options menu and the Transport Play Options icon will be orange

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