Master-Mixer Hierarchy

The Master-Mixer Hierarchy is a hierarchical series of busses at the top of your project hierarchy that allow you to group many different sound and motion structures according to the main categories within a game. For example, you can group all the interactive music sound structures and all the voices under one Audio Bus, all the sound effects structures under another Audio Bus, all the motion effects structures under a motion bus, and so on.


It is possible to create Work-Units and Virtual Folders under the Master Mixer Hierarchy. This can be useful to organize the bus structure in a team environment.

Each bus has a set of properties and behaviors that can be used to define how the objects passing through the bus will sound and play in game. These properties and behaviors are located in the Property and Contents Editors of the different Master-Mixer Hierarchy objects.

The descriptions for each of the Master-Mixer property options can be found in the following Property Editor descriptions:

In addition to the General Settings described in the pages above, each object has a number of other Property Editor tabs described here:

When a Master-Mixer object is selected in the Project Explorer, the corresponding Contents Editor loads some information about its child or source objects.

For a description of the properties in the Advanced Settings, Effects, RTPC, and States tabs, refer to Common Property Tabs: Master-Mixer Objects.

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