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Mastering Suite

The Mastering Suite is a free plug-in that provides features for improving a mix destined to be played on different endpoints. This all-in-one Audio Device Effect plug-in provides four modules: Parametric EQ, Multiband Compressor, Master Volume, and Limiter. By adjusting these modules in accordance with the characteristics of the connected endpoints and the output environment, it is possible to improve the overall quality of audio output.


To use the Mastering Suite, the plug-in must be installed on Wwise. See Installing Premium and Partner Plug-ins. The plug-in requires a license to be activated and for SoundBanks to be generated successfully. You can acquire a free license from Audiokinetic at Plug-ins: Mastering Suite.

After the plug-in is installed, the Mastering Suite factory assets will be added to newly created projects by default. Use the Import Factory Assets dialog to add them to existing projects.


The Mastering Suite plug-in is meant to be used at the very end of the audio pipeline. For this reason, it can only be inserted on the last Effect slot of the System Audio Device. This is done in the Effects tab of the Audio Device Editor. See Audio Device Editor: Effects.

The following ShareSets are included with the factory assets for common use cases:

  • Headphones

  • HomeCinema

  • HomeCinemaHeightBoost

  • NightMode

  • NightModeStrong

  • SoundBar

  • TV


Only one instance of the Mastering Suite is supported at any time. This plug-in only operates on the full mix, and is therefore categorized as an Audio Device Effect. See Understanding the voice pipeline for more details on the Wwise voice pipeline.

  1. Parametric EQ: filter modes, frequency, resonance, and gain configurable for each band.

  2. Multiband Compressor: frequency, attack/release times, threshold, ratio, make-up gain, and knee configurable for each band.

  3. Master Volume: volume settings for each channel.

  4. Limiter: soft-knee, hard-knee, and advanced limiting.

The four modules are chained to each other, with a disabled module acting as a bypass. Each module has a check box in the upper-left corner. This allows you to disable the module if it is not needed, or to isolate specific modules for auditioning purposes.

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