Setting up your projects

This section includes conceptual and procedural information on how to set up a project, either alone or within a team environment, how to define or adjust platforms for your project, how to deal with the assets in your project, and how to build and get the most out of the Wwise hierarchy of assets.

  • Working with projects— managing projects, defining their settings, and troubleshooting project issues using either the Logs view or an Integrity Report.

  • Managing platforms—using the Platform Manager to define the target platforms for your project.

  • Managing languages—using the Language Manager to define the languages for your project.

  • Working with a team—dividing your project into Work Units best-suited to your team, using a source control plug-in, and using Wwise with a source control system.

  • Managing media files in your project—details on supported media, the import process, and addressing import issues.

  • Building your Actor-Mixer Hierarchy—grouping objects, using Containers, understanding absolute and relative properties, property filter behavior, and randomizing property values.

  • Building the structure of output busses—defining the relative properties of a bus, ducking signals, and understanding Object-based audio.

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