Specifying the type of information that will be captured

Because of the potentially large amount of data being transferred, capturing from the sound engine can affect Wwise's performance. Therefore, you might want to limit the type of information that is being generated by the Advanced Profiler by using the Profiler Settings dialog. By deselecting one or more of the information types, you can:

  • Save network transfer bandwidth.

  • Save memory space in Wwise.

  • Save CPU time in game by not calculating the data.

  • Save CPU time in Wwise by not processing or drawing the data.

You can also specify whether you want Wwise to dump the entire contents of a capture session, from all views of the Profiler and Game Object Profiler layouts, to a profiling session file. The data within this file can be loaded back into Wwise at a later time for further analysis of the audio in your game.


Wwise erases the oldest capture session when the limit is surpassed. So, if you want to save older capture sessions, you will have to either rename the oldest file after each profiling session or increase the Number of sessions kept.

To specify the type of information that will be generated and captured:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Advanced Profiler title bar, click the View Settings icon.

    • From the menu bar, click Project > Profiler Settings.

    • Press Alt+G.

    The Profiler Settings dialog opens.

  2. Select one or more of the information types in the list. (Refer to Profiler Settings for details on each information type.)


    When you deselect a data type in the Profiler Settings dialog, usually a corresponding tab is removed from the Advanced Profiler. In the case of Spatial Audio information, however, there is no tab. Instead, this data type corresponds to information sent to the Game Object 3D Viewer.

    The Game Sync Monitor requires both Voice Inspector Data and Game Syncs to be selected.

  3. Under Capture Log, type the maximum amount of memory to be used. The minimum size allowed is 10 MB, and the maximum is 4,000 MB.

    The Game Profiler will use no more than the amount of memory you specify for the capture log.

  4. Number of sessions kept lets you specify the number of profiling sessions kept on disk. When more files exist, the oldest is deleted.

  5. Click OK.

    The Game Profiler will only capture data for the information types that you selected.

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