Migrating Your Projects

When you are ready to upgrade to a new major version of Wwise, you must follow a coordinated protocol to ensure that your projects created in an earlier version are migrated smoothly to the later version. The goal is to avoid putting any aspect of your game at risk, so you must examine the changes in the new version and selectively and systematically implement any modifications to your game code.

The protocol for upgrade and migration can vary depending on the following conditions:

  • Projects under source control: The project must be checked in at key points.

  • Multiple users: The Wwise upgrade, project migration, SDK upgrade, and game code update must be completed on a local system before multiple users can upgrade Wwise on their workstations.

  • Integrated game project: The game code must be modified as specified in the migration notes.

We strongly recommend that a migration team, composed of one or two designated individuals, perform the following tasks on a local system first:

After the migration team has carried out these tasks, you can proceed with:

For an overview of the upgrade and migration workflow for a project under source control, consult the following chart:

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