Using sounds and motion to enhance gameplay

This section includes conceptual and procedural information on how to enhance the rich and immersive game environments using a variety of properties and behaviors, effects, motion, positioning settings, and playback priority.

  • Defining object playback behaviors—working with Random, Sequence, Switch, and Blend Containers, creating a loop, streaming media, and using the Source Editor.

  • Defining positioning—working with speaker panning, understanding 3D spatialized objects, spread, focus and orientation,applying positioning to busses, and using ambisonics.

  • Managing priority—understanding and defining playback priority, limiting playback instances, and managing low-volume objects.

  • Managing Effects—applying Effects to objects and busses, working with Effect ShareSets, bypassing, rendering, and reordering Effects, and understanding User-Defined and Game-Define Auxiliary Sends.

  • Managing motion—generating motion using either existing sounds or dedicated objects, building an output structure for motion, and using the Motion plug-in to generate motion for game controllers.

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