Working with Events

Because no additional programming is required after the initial integration of an Event, you can experiment with different objects, change the properties of existing objects, add and remove Actions, and change Action properties until everything is exactly as you want it.

Renaming Events

Wwise automatically gives a name to an Event when it is created. It is good practice to rename the Event with a name that is more descriptive. Each Event name must be unique and consist only of letters, digits, and underscores. The first character must also be either a letter or an underscore.

Unless absolutely necessary, you shouldn't rename an Event after it has been integrated into the game because it will require additional programming.

To rename an event:

  1. In the Event Editor, click in the Name field.

    The name of the Event is highlighted.

  2. Type a new name for the Event.


You can also rename Events in the Events tab of the Project Explorer.

Removing Actions from Events

While you are experimenting and building your events, you may need to remove one or more Actions from an event. As long as the Event name doesn't change, you can remove Actions without any additional programming required.

To remove Actions from an Event:

  1. In the Event Editor, select the Action that you want to remove from the Event.

  2. Click the Remove button.

    The Action is removed from the Event.


You can also remove Actions from an Event by selecting the Action and pressing the Delete key, or by selecting Delete from the Action's shortcut menu.

Replacing targets assigned to Event Actions

You may want to replace specific target objects with different ones to see how they will fit in game. Even after an Event is integrated into the game, you are free to experiment with different sounds, music, motion, Actions, and so on.

To replace a target object that is assigned to an Action:

  1. In the Event Editor, select the Action whose object you want to replace.

  2. Click Browse.


    The Browse button is found at the bottom of the Event Editor; but, there is also a Browse option when selecting Set Target from the shortcut menu opened from the Target column.

    button, or open the shortcut menu of the selected Action's target .

    The Project Explorer - Browser is displayed.

  3. Navigate through the hierarchy and select the new target that you want to assign to the Action.

  4. Click OK.

    The Action's new target object appears in the Target column.


You can also replace an Action's target by dragging an Action-type-appropriate object from the Project Explorer to the Event Action in the Event Editor. The Action's new target object appears in the Target column.

If the object is not appropriate for the Action, then you will not be able to drag it over.

Displaying an Event's object in the Schematic view

If you want to view the project structure or pipeline for a particular object that is included in an Event, you can quickly display it in the Schematic view.

To display the Event target object's pipeline in the Schematic view:

  1. In the Event Editor, right-click the target object whose pipeline you want to view.

    A shortcut menu is displayed.

  2. Click Show in Schematic View.

    The sound or music pipeline is displayed in the Schematic view.

Deleting Events

If you no longer need an event, you can delete it. Before deleting an event, you may want to verify if it is being used by another member of your team in a different part of the project or if it is already included in one of your SoundBanks. If you or someone else on your team deletes an Event that is included in a SoundBank, it will create an invalid event. Wwise doesn't automatically remove deleted Events or other invalid project elements from SoundBanks, so you will have to remove them manually. To help you locate these types of Events and object structures within a SoundBank, Wwise adds the word “Missing” after their name on the Add tab of the SoundBank Editor. For more information on invalid events, refer to Removing project elements from SoundBanks.

To delete an event:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Events tab of the Project Explorer, right-click the Event you want to delete and select Delete Selection from the shortcut menu.

    • In the Event Viewer, click the Event you want to delete and press the Delete key.

    The Event is deleted.


If you delete an Event by mistake, you can undo the delete by pressing Ctrl+Z or by clicking Edit > Undo.

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