Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
AkSoundEngineExport.h File Reference
#include <AK/AkPlatforms.h>

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#define AK_ATTR_USED
#define AK_FUNC(_type, _name)   _type AKSOUNDENGINE_CALL _name
#define AK_EXTERNFUNC(_type, _name)   extern _type AKSOUNDENGINE_CALL _name
#define AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC(_type, _name)   extern AKSOUNDENGINE_API _type AKSOUNDENGINE_CALL _name
#define AK_CALLBACK(_type, _name)   typedef _type ( AKSOUNDENGINE_CALL *_name )

Detailed Description

Export/calling convention definitions.

Definition in file AkSoundEngineExport.h.

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