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AkSpatialAudioTypes.h File Reference

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struct  AkSpatialAudioID
 Base type for ID's used by Wwise spatial audio.
struct  AkRoomID
struct  AkRoomHierarchyID


namespace  AK
 Audiokinetic namespace.
 Audiokinetic spatial audio namespace.


#define AK_SA_EPSILON   (0.001f)
#define AK_SA_DIFFRACTION_EPSILON   (0.002f)
#define AK_SA_DIFFRACTION_DOT_EPSILON   (0.000002)
#define AK_SA_PLANE_THICKNESS   (0.01f)
#define AK_INVALID_VERTEX   ((AkVertIdx)(-1))
#define AK_INVALID_TRIANGLE   ((AkTriIdx)(-1))
#define AK_INVALID_SURFACE   ((AkSurfIdx)(-1))
#define AK_INVALID_EDGE   ((AkEdgeIdx)(-1))


typedef AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< AkMemID_SpatialAudioArrayPoolSpatialAudio
typedef AkArrayAllocatorAlignedSimd< AkMemID_SpatialAudioArrayPoolSpatialAudioSIMD
typedef AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< AkMemID_SpatialAudioPathsArrayPoolSpatialAudioPaths
typedef AkArrayAllocatorAlignedSimd< AkMemID_SpatialAudioPathsArrayPoolSpatialAudioPathsSIMD
typedef AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< AkMemID_SpatialAudioGeometryArrayPoolSpatialAudioGeometry
typedef AkArrayAllocatorAlignedSimd< AkMemID_SpatialAudioGeometryArrayPoolSpatialAudioGeometrySIMD
typedef AkString< ArrayPoolSpatialAudio, wchar_t > AK::SpatialAudio::WString
 Wide string type for use in Wwise Spatial Audio. More...
typedef AkString< ArrayPoolSpatialAudio, AkOSCharAK::SpatialAudio::OsString
 OS string type for use in Wwise Spatial Audio. More...
typedef AkString< ArrayPoolSpatialAudio, char > AK::SpatialAudio::String
 String type for use in Wwise Spatial Audio. More...
typedef AkDbString< ArrayPoolSpatialAudio, char, CAkLockAK::SpatialAudio::DbString
 Instanced string type. More...
typedef AkUInt16 AK::SpatialAudio::Idx
typedef AkUInt16 AkVertIdx
typedef AkUInt16 AkTriIdx
typedef AkUInt16 AkSurfIdx
typedef AkUInt16 AkEdgeIdx
typedef AkUInt16 AkEdgeReceptorIdx
typedef AkSet< AkRoomID, ArrayPoolSpatialAudioAkRoomIDSet
typedef AkSpatialAudioID AkPortalID
typedef AkSpatialAudioID AkGeometrySetID
typedef AkSpatialAudioID AkGeometryInstanceID


const AkUInt32 kDefaultDiffractionMaxEdges = 8
const AkUInt32 kDefaultDiffractionMaxPaths = 8
const AkReal32 kMaxDiffraction = 1.0f
const AkUInt32 kHashListBlockAllocItemCount = 50
const AkUInt32 kDiffractionMaxEdges = 8
const AkUInt32 kDiffractionMaxPaths = 8
const AkUInt32 kPortalToPortalDiffractionMaxPaths = 8
constexpr AkRoomID AK::SpatialAudio::kOutdoorRoomID
 The outdoor room ID. This room is created automatically and is typically used for outdoors, i.e. when not in a room. More...

Detailed Description

Spatial audio data type definitions.

Definition in file AkSpatialAudioTypes.h.

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