Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

Retrieves the busses at a specific profiler capture time.


Name Type Description
time * one of: Time in milliseconds to query for busses, or a Time Cursor from which to acquire the time. The User Time Cursor is the one that can be manipulated by the user, while the Capture Time Cursor represents the latest time of the current capture.
integer Range: [0,*]
string Identify one of the global profiler cursors. Possible values:
  • user
  • capture
busPipelineID integer The pipeline ID of a single bus instance to get.
Unsigned Integer 32-bit. Range: [0,4294967295]

(Required *)

Arguments Schema


Name Type Description
return array Members to return for each bus. Defaults to Pipeline ID, Game Object ID, and Object GUID.
An array of options to receive.
return [...] string Specifies one of the defined members for a bus pipeline structure. Possible values:
  • pipelineID
  • mixBusID
  • objectGUID
  • objectName
  • gameObjectID
  • gameObjectName
  • deviceID
  • volume
  • downstreamGain
  • voiceCount
  • effectCount
  • depth

Options Schema


Name Type Description
return * array Array of busses.
return [...] object Bus item.
A mixing bus object. Use the return options to specify which property is required.
return[...].pipelineID integer Pipeline ID of the bus.
Unsigned Integer 32-bit. Range: [0,4294967295]
return[...].mixBusID integer Unique ID assigned to a mixing bus.
Unsigned Integer 64-bit. Range: [0,18446744073709551615]
return[...].objectGUID string Object GUID corresponding to the bus.
An object GUID of the form: {aabbcc00-1122-3344-5566-77889900aabb}.
return[...].objectName string Object Name corresponding to the bus.
return[...].gameObjectID integer Game Object ID corresponding to the voice.
Unsigned Integer 64-bit. Range: [0,18446744073709551615]
return[...].gameObjectName string Game Object Name corresponding to the voice.
return[...].deviceID integer Audio Output device ID.
Unsigned Integer 64-bit. Range: [0,18446744073709551615]
return[...].volume number Gain of the bus in dB.
return[...].downstreamGain number Gain from current bus down to output in dB.
return[...].voiceCount integer Number of voices routed to the bus.
Unsigned Integer 32-bit. Range: [0,4294967295]
return[...].depth integer Depth level of the bus in the pipeline.
return[...].effectCount integer Number of effects on the bus.
Unsigned Integer 32-bit. Range: [0,4294967295]

(Required *)

Result Schema

See Also


Refer to Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) for more information about Wwise Authoring API.

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