Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

Retrieves the streaming media at a specific profiler capture time. This data can also be found in the Advanced Profiler, under the Streams tab. To ensure the Streams data is received, refer to ak.wwise.core.profiler.enableProfilerData.


Name Type Description
time * one of: Time in milliseconds to query for media, or a Time Cursor from which to acquire the time. The User Time Cursor is the one that can be manipulated by the user, while the Capture Time Cursor represents the latest time of the current capture.
integer Range: [0,*]
string Identify one of the global profiler cursors. Possible values:
  • user
  • capture

(Required *)

Arguments Schema


Name Type Description
return * array Array of Streams.
return [...] object Information about how each of the streams is managed by the Wwise sound engine.
return[...].deviceName string The name of the device from which the stream eminates.
return[...].streamName string The name given to the stream.
return[...].fileSize integer The size of the file being streamed.
return[...].filePosition number The position of the stream within the file, given as a percentage.
return[...].priority integer The priority of the stream.
return[...].bandwidthTotal integer The rate at which the file was streamed in the last profiling frame. This value takes all transfers into account, including transfers that occurred from the Stream Manager's cache
return[...].bandwidthLowLevel integer The rate at which the file was streamed in the last profiling frame. Unlike the Total Bandwidth field, this field value considers transfers that occurred from within the low-level device.
return[...].referencedMemory integer The amount of memory that is referenced by the stream. This excludes memory used for I/O transfers. It can be seen as a measure of how much data the stream may grant to the sound engine at any given time.
return[...].estimatedThroughput integer The estimated throughput of the stream. The sound engine estimates the rate at which it consumes data from a stream according to its encoding format and number of channels.
return[...].active boolean Indicates True if the stream was active at least once during the last profiling frame.
return[...].targetBufferSize integer The streaming device's target buffer length.
return[...].bufferStatusBuffered number The portion of requested data that is buffered, given as a percentage of the target buffer size.

(Required *)

Result Schema

See Also


Refer to Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) for more information about Wwise Authoring API.

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