Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

Connects the Wwise Authoring application to a Wwise Sound Engine running executable or to a saved profile file. The host must be running code with communication enabled. If only "host" is provided, Wwise connects to the first Sound Engine instance found. To distinguish between different instances, you can also provide the name of the application to connect to.


Name Type Description
host * string The host to connect to. The host can be a computer name, an IPv4 address, an IP:PORT pair, or a full path to a saved capture (.prof file). Use to connect to localhost.
appName string The value in the Application Name column from the Remote Connection dialog in Wwise, or from from ak.wwise.core.remote.getAvailableConsoles. If you are running more than one Sound Engine instance, you can specify the name of the application to connect to.
commandPort integer The command port. If you are running two or more Sound Engine instances that use the same application name, you can specify the command port to distinguish between different applications sharing the same name. You don't need to use this if the application name is unique. When using this, you must also provide appName. You can obtain this information from ak.wwise.core.remote.getAvailableConsoles.
Unsigned Integer 16-bit. Range: [0,65535]
notificationPort integer Unused.
Unsigned Integer 16-bit. Range: [0,65535]

(Required *)

Arguments Schema

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Refer to Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) for more information about Wwise Authoring API.

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