AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::PlaylistItem Class Reference

#include <AkDynamicSequence.h>

Public Member Functions

 PlaylistItem ()
 PlaylistItem (const PlaylistItem &in_rCopy)
 ~PlaylistItem ()
PlaylistItemoperator= (const PlaylistItem &in_rCopy)
bool operator== (const PlaylistItem &in_rCopy)
AKRESULT SetExternalSources (AkUInt32 in_nExternalSrc, AkExternalSourceInfo *in_pExternalSrc)
AkExternalSourceArray * GetExternalSources ()
 Get the external source array. Internal use only. More...

Public Attributes

AkUniqueID audioNodeID
 Unique ID of Audio Node. More...
AkTimeMs msDelay
 Delay before playing this item, in milliseconds. More...
void * pCustomInfo
 Optional user data. More...

Detailed Description

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