Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

◆ GetBlockSize()

virtual AkUInt32 AK::StreamMgr::IAkLowLevelIOHook::GetBlockSize ( AkFileDesc in_fileDesc)
pure virtual

Returns the block size for the file or its storage device. The block size is a constraint for clients of the Stream Manager: All reads, writes and position changes need to be a multiple of that size.

The block size for a specific file or storage device.
  • Some files might be opened with flags that require I/O transfers to be a multiple of this size. The stream manager will query this function to resolve calls to IAk(Auto)Stream::GetBlockSize( ).
  • Also, AkFileDesc::uSector specifies a number of sectors in multiples of this value.
  • Files/IO devices that do not require byte alignment should return 1.
  • Whether file opening was deferred or not, GetBlockSize() is always called right after the first call to Open(), in the client's thread, and is never called again.
Returning 0 is not allowed and will likely make the Stream Manager crash.
See also
in_fileDescFile descriptor.

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