Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AK.Wwise::ISourceControlUtilities Class Referenceabstract

#include <ISourceControlUtilities.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ISourceControlProgressGetProgress ()=0
virtual int MessageBox (HWND in_hWnd, LPCWSTR in_pszText, LPCWSTR in_pszCaption, UINT in_uiType)=0
virtual int PromptMessage (HWND in_hWnd, LPCWSTR in_pszText, LPCWSTR in_pszCaption, LPWSTR out_pszInput, UINT in_uiInputSize, bool in_bIsPassword)=0
virtual bool ShowBrowseForFolderDialog (LPCWSTR in_pszDialogTitle, LPWSTR out_pszChoosenPath, UINT in_uiChoosenPathSize, LPCWSTR in_pszRootPath=NULL)=0
virtual INT_PTR CreateModalCustomDialog (ISourceControlDialogBase *in_pDialog)=0
virtual void SetUserPreferenceDword (LPCWSTR in_pszPreference, DWORD in_dwValue)=0
virtual void GetUserPreferenceDword (LPCWSTR in_pszPreference, DWORD &io_dwValue)=0
virtual void SetUserPreferenceString (LPCWSTR in_pszPreference, LPCWSTR in_pszValue)=0
virtual void GetUserPreferenceString (LPCWSTR in_pszPreference, LPWSTR io_pszValue, DWORD in_dwSize)=0
virtual void GetMoveRootPath (LPCWSTR in_pszFullPath, LPWSTR out_pszRootPath, UINT in_uiRootPathSize)=0
virtual void CreateFileStatusListControl (HWND in_hWndParent, UINT in_idStatic, const WCHAR **in_ppFilenameList, unsigned int in_uiFilenameListCount)=0
virtual bool IsCancelRequested () const =0
virtual void LogMessage (LPCWSTR in_pszMessage)=0

Detailed Description

Wwise source control utilities interface. This interface is provided when the plug-in is initialized. With this interface, you can display a progress dialog, create custom dialogs, display message boxes, and save the plug-in configuration to the registry.

Definition at line 48 of file ISourceControlUtilities.h.

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