Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::XmlWriter Class Reference

API interface for XML-based plug-in persistence. More...

#include <HostXml.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::XmlWriter:
AK.Wwise::Plugin::CBaseInstanceGlue< CHostXml, CHostXml::WriterInstance > ak_wwise_plugin_host_xml_writer_instance_v1 AK.Wwise::Plugin::CBaseInterfaceGlue< CHostXml > ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance ak_wwise_plugin_instance_ptr


class  AutoStartEndElement
 Use this class to handle the WriteStartElement/WriteEndElement pair automatically in a C++ scope. More...

Public Types

enum  : InterfaceTypeValue { k_interfaceType = AK_WWISE_PLUGIN_INTERFACE_TYPE_HOST_XML }
 The interface type, as requested by this plug-in. More...
enum  : InterfaceVersion { k_interfaceVersion = 1 }
 The interface version, as requested by this plug-in. More...
using Interface = CHostXml
- Public Types inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::CBaseInstanceGlue< CHostXml, CHostXml::WriterInstance >
using Instance = CHostXml::WriterInstance
- Public Types inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::CBaseInterfaceGlue< CHostXml >
using GluedInterface = CHostXml

Public Member Functions

bool IsReady () const
 Determines if the writer is ready to be used. More...
AK::Wwise::Plugin::XmlWriteReady::WriteReady GetReadyState () const
 Determines the state of readiness of the writer. More...
bool Append (XmlWriter &in_writerToAppend)
 Appending a first XML writer to a second XML writer. More...
AK::Wwise::Plugin::XmlWriteState::WriteState GetWriteState () const
 Retrieves the state of the node the writer is currently populating. More...
void WriteStartDocument ()
 Starts a new XML document. More...
void WriteEndDocument ()
 Ends a completed XML document. More...
void WriteStartElement (const char *in_rcsElementName, AK::Wwise::Plugin::XmlElementType::ElementType in_eType)
 Creates a new inner node. More...
void WriteEndElement ()
 Closes the previous node. More...
void WriteAttributeString (const char *in_rcsAttribute, const char *in_rcsValue)
 Adds an attribute to the current node. More...
void WriteString (const char *in_rcsValue)
 Appends a string as value to the current node. More...
void WriteCData (const char *in_rcsValue)
 Appends a raw CDATA string as value to the current node. More...
void WriteRaw (const char *in_rcsValue)
 Appends a raw string at this precise point of the XML file. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance
virtual ~ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::CBaseInterfaceGlue< CHostXml >
static GluedInterfaceg_cinterface
 The unique instance of the CInterface interface. Defined at nullptr first, overridden by the Host once loaded. More...

Detailed Description

API interface for XML-based plug-in persistence.

The XML plug-in persistence is useful when a plug-in provides custom data handling. Normally, plug-in data is stored through the property sets (see PropertySet and ObjectStore). However, a plug-in might provide its own custom handling. For complex interfaces, it might be worthwhile to use the CustomData interface. Loading and saving can then be done through this XML interface.

The XML interface represents a cursor pointing to a node (element), alongside methods to navigate through the hierarchy.

Note: One unique XML interface is provided for both reading and writing XML. Depending on the instance being provided, it will allow reading or writing through this interface.

It can either be a ak_wwise_plugin_host_xml_reader_instance_v1 or a ak_wwise_plugin_host_xml_writer_instance_v1.

Definition at line 755 of file HostXml.h.

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