Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AkListBare< T, U_NEXTITEM, COUNT_POLICY, LAST_POLICY > Class Template Reference

Implementation of List Bare. More...

#include <AkListBare.h>

Inheritance diagram for AkListBare< T, U_NEXTITEM, COUNT_POLICY, LAST_POLICY >:
AkCountPolicyNoCount< T > AkLastPolicyWithLast< T >


struct  Iterator
 Iterator. More...
struct  IteratorEx

Public Member Functions

IteratorEx Erase (const IteratorEx &in_rIter)
 Erase item. More...
IteratorEx Insert (const IteratorEx &in_rIter, T *in_pItem)
 Insert item. More...
Iterator End () const
 End condition. More...
IteratorEx BeginEx ()
 Get IteratorEx at beginning. More...
Iterator Begin () const
 Get Iterator at beginning. More...
IteratorEx FindEx (T *in_pItem)
 Get Iterator from item. More...
 AkListBare ()
 Constructor. More...
 ~AkListBare ()
 Destructor. More...
void Term ()
 Terminate. More...
void AddFirst (T *in_pItem)
 Add element at the beginning of list. More...
void AddLast (T *in_pItem)
 Add element at the end of list. More...
AKRESULT Remove (T *in_pItem)
 Remove an element. More...
AKRESULT RemoveFirst ()
 Remove the first element. More...
AkForceInline void RemoveAll ()
 Remove all elements. More...
AkForceInline T * First ()
 Get first element. More...
AkForceInline bool IsEmpty () const
 Empty condition. More...
void RemoveItem (T *in_pItem, T *in_pPrevItem)
 Remove an element. More...
void AddItem (T *in_pItem, T *in_pNextItem, T *in_pPrevItem)
 Add an element. More...
void Transfer (AkListBare< T, U_NEXTITEM, COUNT_POLICY, LAST_POLICY > &in_src)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AkLastPolicyWithLast< T >
AkForceInline T * Last ()
 Get last element. More...
AkForceInline const T * Last () const

Protected Attributes

T * m_pFirst
 top of list More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AkLastPolicyWithLast< T >
T * m_pLast
 bottom of list More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AkCountPolicyNoCount< T >
AkForceInline void ResetCount (T *)
AkForceInline void IncrementCount (T *)
AkForceInline void DecrementCount (T *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AkLastPolicyWithLast< T >
AkForceInline AkLastPolicyWithLast ()
AkForceInline void UpdateLast (T *in_pLast)
AkForceInline void SetLast (T *in_pLast)
AkForceInline void RemoveItem (T *in_pItem, T *in_pPrevItem)
AkForceInline void AddItem (T *in_pItem, T *in_pNextItem)

Detailed Description

template<class T, template< class > class U_NEXTITEM = AkListBareNextItem, template< class > class COUNT_POLICY = AkCountPolicyNoCount, template< class > class LAST_POLICY = AkLastPolicyWithLast>

Implementation of List Bare.

Definition at line 164 of file AkListBare.h.

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