Wwise SDK 2023.1.2
Understanding States

When the status of the game changes, you typically want the sounds to reflect such changes. For example, if the player character is submerged in water, you want the sounds of gunfire, background music, and body movements to sound like they occur underwater. To match your audio with the current game situation, use States.

With States, sound designers can create different sets of properties for Busses, Actor-Mixers, Containers, and Sounds to use depending on the current game state. Properties that can be affected by States include Volume, Pitch, and Low-Pass Filter.

Different State Groups can be created in Wwise Authoring to represent different types of game states, and each of those State Groups can contain multiple States. For example, your game could contain the following State Groups and States, defined in Wwise Authoring by the sound designer:

  • Player_Environment
    • Ground
    • Underwater
    • Car
  • Slow_Time
    • On
    • Off

For these States to work as designed, the game must properly set the current State for each State Group when required.

See Working with States for more information about States from the sound designer's point of view.

See Integration Details - States for an overview of how to integrate States in your game.

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