Wwise SDK 2023.1.3
Understanding Switches

It is often desirable to play different sounds in different game scenarios depending on the game's current state. For example, if a character is running on a concrete surface and then moves onto grass, the sound of their footsteps changes to match the new surface. To alternate between different sounds, use Switches.

Using Switches and Switch Containers, sound designers can define which sounds to play in each situation. You can use multiple Switch Groups in Wwise Authoring for the different cases in which you need to switch between sounds. Each of these groups can contain multiple Switches. Switch containers can then use those Switch Groups and associate sounds with each Switch.

For example, your game could contain the following Switch Groups and Switches, defined in Wwise Authoring by the sound designer:

  • Ground_Material
    • Concrete
    • Tiles
    • Metal
    • Sand
    • Water
  • Machine_Mode
    • Standby
    • Idle
    • Medium
    • High

For these Switches to work as the sound designer intended, the game must set the current Switch for each Switch Group when required.

See Defining the Contents and Behavior of Switch Containers for more information about Switches and Switch Containers from the sound designer's point of view.

See Integration Details - Switches for an overview of Switch integration.

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