Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Overview of Libraries and Header Files Contained in the SDK

SDK Input Libraries and Distributed Binaries

The input libraries required to integrate the Wwise Sound Engine are available for each build configuration in its respective platform folders contained in the root of the SDK installation directory. The library directory structure is defined as follows:

  • {Wwise SDK Dir}/{Platform name}/{Configuration name}/lib where
    • {Wwise SDK Dir} is the SDK installation directory
    • {Platform name} is one of the available platform names (x64, Mac, iOS, ...). A suffix may further refine the CPU architecture or compiler targeted.
    • {Configuration name} is one of the three build configurations (Debug, Profile, Release). Note that the Windows platform has three additional configurations (Debug_StaticCRT, Profile_StaticCRT, Release_StaticCRT) that use the static C runtime library instead of the dynamic one. Also, please note that iOS has the following build configurations (Debug-iphoneos, Debug-iphonesimulator, Profile-iphoneos, Profile-iphonesimulator, Release-iphoneos, Release-iphonesimulator). The tvOS platform has the following build configurations (Debug-appletvos, Debug-appletvsimulator, Profile-appletvos, Profile-appletvsimulator, Release-appletvos, Release-appletvsimulator). The visionOS platform has the following build configurations (Debug-xros, Debug-xrsimulator, Profile-xros, Profile-xrsimulator, Release-xros, Release-xrsimulator).

Refer to Build Configuration for a description of the various libraries contained in this SDK.

Include Files

Header files for the SDK interfaces, types, constants etc. are located in the "include" folder under the SDK installation folder. Subfolders are used to group related files.

You should add "$(WWISESDK)\include" to your project's include directories. You can then include files with paths relative to the "include" directory. For example:

Note: WWISESDK variable is not set on the MAC. You will need to add the Wwise SDK "include/" folder in your XCode project's header search paths.

The various sections in this document list the specific header files that must be included as they introduce new entities.

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