Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

◆ GetWindowsDeviceName()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API const wchar_t* AK::GetWindowsDeviceName ( AkInt32  index,
AkUInt32 out_uDeviceID,
AkAudioDeviceState  uDeviceStateMask = AkDeviceState_All 

Get the user-friendly name for the specified device. Call repeatedly with index starting at 0 and increasing to get all available devices, including disabled and unplugged devices, until the returned string is null and out_uDeviceID is AK_INVALID_DEVICE_ID. The number of indexable devices for the given uDeviceStateMask can be fetched by calling AK::SoundEngine::GetWindowsDeviceCount(). You can also get the default device information by specifying index=-1. The default device is the one with a green checkmark in the Audio Playback Device panel in Windows. The returned out_uDeviceID parameter is the Device ID to use with Wwise. Use it to specify the main device in AkPlatformInitSettings.idAudioDevice.

CoInitialize must have been called for the calling thread. See Microsoft's documentation about CoInitialize for more details.
The name of the device at the "index" specified. The pointer is valid until the next call to GetWindowsDeviceName.
indexIndex of the device in the array. -1 to get information on the default device.
out_uDeviceIDDevice ID for Wwise. This is the same as what is returned from AK::GetDeviceID and AK::GetDeviceIDFromName. Use it to specify the main device in AkPlatformInitSettings.idAudioDevice.
uDeviceStateMaskOptional bitmask used to filter the device based on their state.

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