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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2023.1.4

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2023.1.3 and version 2023.1.4.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-68770 Added support to compile some public SDK headers with an AK_NULL_PLATFORM macro defined beforehand. This can be used to mitigate many compiler errors that could arise when trying to compile an application on a platform where the sound engine is not supported by Wwise, or the necessary files are not yet available.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-69971 To support future patches, the schema for the communication protocol used by the Wwise Authoring tool to profile the sound engine runtime has been modified in a way that breaks backward compatibility of communication across minor patch versions. This means that authoring tools before Wwise 2022.1.13 will not connect to games running sound engine versions from (or after) Wwise 2022.1.13. The opposite, authoring 22.1.13 connecting to a 22.1.xx game, will work. The same logic applies to version 23.1.4.

Note that SoundBank contents have not had their schema modified, and are still compatible across these versions.

  • WG-71327 Removed the Mixer column from the Busses tab of the Advanced Profiler.

Performance Changes

  • WG-70930 (Spatial Audio) Optimized the update of Spatial Audio Emitters.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-70951 Upgraded Visual Studio 2022 version to 17.8.9.
  • WG-71498 Upgraded Visual Studio 2019 version to 16.11.35.
  • WG-71502 Upgraded Visual Studio 2017 version to 15.9.61.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-68844 Fixed: Possible crash when closing Wwise.
  • WG-69988 Fixed: Control surface command Pass MIDI Note doesn't work.
  • WG-70365 Fixed: Crash when changing State properties on a playing object.
  • WG-70636 Fixed: Effect ShareSet is not applied following a rename operation.
  • WG-70637 Fixed: Crash when customizing columns in a metered object popup list.
  • WG-70662 Fixed: Deleting and undoing a Stinger row causes a crash when selecting the Cue Name field.
  • WG-70670 Fixed: When the Perforce dialog for Checkout is displayed, pressing the ESC key does not undo an operation.
  • WG-70723 Fixed: Crash in Voice Inspector when an object ShortId cannot be resolved.
  • WG-70726 Fixed: Possible crash when using the Capture Log.
  • WG-71046 Fixed: Z-ordering of floating views is not saved when switching views.
  • WG-71091 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Jump in room Aux Send when a reverb zone transition overlaps a portal in the parent room.
  • WG-71142 Fixed: Loudness measurement of audio sources applies +1.5dB boost on back and height channels, but it should only be applied to side channels.
  • WG-71255 Fixed: Possible crash when deleting an effect.
  • WG-71621 Fixed: Possible crash converting a custom Metadata to a ShareSet when the Metadata Editor is open.
  • WG-71778 Fixed: The Convolution Reverb IR statistics window contains invalid values.
  • WG-71843 Fixed: Crash when unloading a Work Unit that has a Music Switch Container with multiple Path entries.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-68118 Fixed: The Loop editor of the Crankcase Audio REV plug-in does not respect Windows mouse accessibility settings.
  • WG-69217 Fixed: The [-10000, 10000] range of game parameter values is too restrictive. The new range is [-1000000000, 1000000000].
  • WG-69228 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) When there are no diffraction paths, the diffraction built-in parameter sets 0 for its RTPC value instead of 100.
  • WG-69515 Fixed: In the Crankcase Audio REV plug-in, the Mix Sensitivity option has an incorrect default value.
  • WG-70306 Fixed: Crash during Perforce file status requests.
  • WG-70581 Fixed: Crash when reconnecting Profiler when using the experimental Live Media Transfer.
  • WG-70748 Fixed: Possible crash when double-clicking on a cell in the Platform column of the SoundBanks Paths section in the SoundBanks Settings.
  • WG-70952 Fixed: Cannot load a project after setting a color on a SoundCaster session object. Also, the color of a mixing session is not saved.
  • WG-71088 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) performance degradation when there are many portals connected to a single room.
  • WG-71127 Fixed: Bank load failure for a bank stored in a file package with a block size other than 1.
  • WG-71135 Fixed: Crash when modifying the Switch or State of Music Track while the track is in the Multi-Editor.
  • WG-71263 Fixed: Diffraction ray allocations are erroneously tagged with AkMemID_Profiler, but are required in release builds.
  • WG-71279 Fixed: Possible crash when converting music tracks to sub-tracks.
  • WG-71369 Fixed: Compressor and Expander Effect plug-ins raise a floating-point exception when operating with high ratios.
  • WG-71418 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) In some scenarios, an invalid sound position is passed to the sound engine when virtual positioning is disabled.
  • WG-71610 Fixed: Crash during initialization process when integrating the Wwise ASIO plug-in in a Unity project.

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