Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AkJobMgrSettings Struct Reference

Settings for the Sound Engine's internal job manager. More...

#include <AkSoundEngine.h>

Public Types

typedef void(* FuncRequestJobWorker) (AkJobWorkerFunc in_fnJobWorker, AkJobType in_jobType, AkUInt32 in_uNumWorkers, void *in_pClientData)
 Callback function prototype definition used for handling requests from JobMgr for new workers to perform work. More...

Public Attributes

FuncRequestJobWorker fnRequestJobWorker
 Function called by the job manager when a new worker needs to be requested. When null, all jobs will be executed on the same thread that calls RenderAudio(). More...
AkUInt32 uMaxActiveWorkers [AK_NUM_JOB_TYPES]
 The maximum number of concurrent workers that will be requested. Must be >= 1 for each jobType. More...
AkUInt32 uNumMemorySlabs
 Number of memory slabs to pre-allocate for job manager memory. At least one slab per worker thread should be pre-allocated. Default is 1. More...
AkUInt32 uMemorySlabSize
 Size of each memory slab used for job manager memory. Must be a power of two. Default is 8K. More...
void * pClientData
 Arbitrary data that will be passed back to the client when calling FuncRequestJobWorker. More...

Detailed Description

Settings for the Sound Engine's internal job manager.

Definition at line 173 of file AkSoundEngine.h.

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