Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

Root interface allowing a logical unit (variable, library) to contain more than one interface. More...

#include <PluginContainer.h>

Inheritance diagram for ak_wwise_plugin_container:

Public Member Functions

constexpr uint32_t MajorSdkVersion () const
 (C++) Major SDK version (ex. 2020) More...
constexpr uint32_t MinorSdkVersion () const
 (C++) Minor SDK version (ex. 1) More...
constexpr uint32_t SubminorSdkVersion () const
 (C++) Patch / Subminor SDK version (ex. 0) More...
constexpr uint32_t BuildSdkVersion () const
 (C++) Build number (ex. 9404) More...
 ak_wwise_plugin_container ()
 ak_wwise_plugin_container (ak_wwise_plugin_info *in_pluginInfos)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
constexpr ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface (decltype(m_interface) in_interface, decltype(m_version) in_version)
constexpr ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface ()
constexpr ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface (std::underlying_type< decltype(m_interface)>::type in_interface, decltype(m_version) in_version)

Static Public Member Functions

constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionBuildMultiplier ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionBuildMax ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionSubminorMultiplier ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionSubminorMax ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionMinorMultiplier ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionMinorMax ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionMajorMultiplier ()
constexpr static uint64_t SdkVersionMajorMax ()

Public Attributes

uint64_t m_wwiseSdkVersion
 Wwise Authoring version included with this SDK. More...
struct ak_wwise_plugin_infom_pluginInfos
 A chained list of all the plug-ins embedded in this container. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
ak_wwise_plugin_interface_type m_interface: 32
 Interface type (see ak_wwise_plugin_interface_type) More...
uint32_t m_version: 32
 Version of the interface. More...

Detailed Description

Root interface allowing a logical unit (variable, library) to contain more than one interface.

The container is a required element to define the base of a logical unit. It contains basic information on the build being used by the enclosed plug-ins. This allows the host to quickly determine if it should pursue loading this container or not, and might need to apply patches to fix interface variations appearing between SDK versions.

The container being versioned means this format could eventually change, but the goal was to make it generic enough to keep it stable. It's easier to add up plug-ins to extend the format than to modify it.

Definition at line 47 of file PluginContainer.h.

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