Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI)

The Wwise Authoring API is used to communicate with the Wwise authoring application. The functions available in the API allow the clients to perform several tasks, including:

  • Wwise project manipulations, such as:
    • Retrieving objects and their information
    • Setting information on objects
    • Creating new objects
  • Common operations, such as:
    • Importing audio files
    • Generating SoundBanks
    • Converting audio files
    • Playing Wwise objects
  • User interface access and control, such as:
    • Opening views
    • Accessing the current selection and changing it
    • Inspecting objects
  • SoundEngine usage, such as
    • Creating Game objects and setting their position
    • Posting Events
    • Setting Game Parameter values, Switches and States

Example Use Cases

The Wwise Authoring API can be integrated within:

  • A game engine
  • A dialogue management pipeline
  • A DAW for sound design, editing, dialogue recording, or music production
  • All kinds of scripts

The Wwise Authoring API can be used to:

  • Automate tasks, such as importing audio files or creating Wwise objects
  • Remotely control Wwise on mobile devices
  • Implement custom Wwise interfaces
  • Add custom functionalities to Wwise. Refer to Defining Command Add-ons.

How it works

WAAPI is an API allowing other processes to talk with Wwise Authoring. WAAPI supports bidirectional communications, allowing processes to invoke remote procedure calls and to subscribe to their topics of interest so as to be notified when changes occur in Wwise.

WAAPI gives access to three different layers of functionality:

  • Wwise User Interface: views, selection, commands, etc.
  • Wwise Authoring Core: project and objects, SoundBanks, audio files, transport, etc.
  • Wwise Sound Engine: Game Object, Post Event, RTPC Value, etc.

WAAPI can be used from a variety of programming languages. Refer to Programming Languages to find the language that suits your workflow best.

Learn more about WAAPI

Read more about specific topics:

Refer to the following topics for the Wwise Authoring API reference:

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