Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Subscribing to Topics in the Wwise Authoring API


With the Wwise Authoring API, it is possible to call remote procedures (RPC) and it is also possible to subscribe to topics, and be notified when a topic is being published in Wwise (Pub/Sub). For example, this could allow synchronizing data between the WAAPI client and the Wwise process. For example, it could also be used to know when the selection changes in Wwise.

When subscribing to a topic, the specified callback will be executed whenever the topic is published. Some of the topics support return options, giving control on what content is being passed in the callback, avoiding unnecessary queries.

For example, someone could subscribe to topic ak.wwise.core.object.nameChanged and provide the following options:

"return": ["id", "name", "path"]

Then, every time a Wwise object name changes, the notification will be sent to the subscriber with the id, name and path of the object.

Note: Subscriptions are automatically revoked on project close. However, topics that deal with project events support subscriptions across project loads. The exempted topics are: ak.wwise.core.project.loaded, ak.wwise.core.project.preClosed, and ak.wwise.core.project.postClosed.

Refer to Return Options for more information about the return statement. Refer to Wwise Authoring API Reference for more information about the topics.

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